Baseball Boss Goes Belly Up

baseball bossI have some sad news to report: is shutting down..

On March 10, 2010 they will no longer have Challenge games. Yes, it is true as this was reported directly on their blog:

Many of you have had good questions about what has been going on these last few months. Today is the day we can finally, definitively answer those questions.

First, please read

Unfortunately, this isn’t the news those of us who have played, supported and worked on the game since its launch in July of 2008 were hoping for.

A number of issues completely out of our control made 2009 a very challenging year for the game. As players and customers, I know that made it difficult for you as well and for that we are sorry. As to the nature of those challenges, I’ll only say that those of you who know baseball history know that labor and management have infrequently seen eye to eye on a number of issues. We also hope you understand that any lack of communication or clarity about the future was not out of apathy or indifference, it was us trying to make sense of a changing licensing landscape and trying to run a game at the same time.

Our current plan is to leave the game up through March 10th, but we will keep you posted on any date changes. Earlier today, we closed the store immediately upon making the decision to wind down the game, and have set active Memberships not to renew. If you have specific concerns related to your account, please contact

We certainly had our share of ups and downs along the way. I believe we did the first interesting thing with the baseball game genre in many years. We made some cool virtual cards. Through it all, the one constant has been our players. We want to thank everyone who has supported the game and actively created and participated in the strong community that formed.  We wouldn’t have made it as far or as long as we did without the support of all of you.