Shoulder Sprain Prevents Davis from Playing NBA All-Star Game

Anthony Davis, the power forward of the New Orleans Pelicans, will not be playing the NBA All-Star game on Sunday because of a right shoulder injury. Davis has been on the sidelines for the past two games because of a sprain in his shoulder.

Anthony Davis Slam DunkHe announced that he has decided not to take part in the All-Star games after carefully thinking about the matter. He also apologized to his fans for his inability to do so. He stated that, although he is disappointed about not being able to take part in the All-Star games this weekend, he is looking forward to playing them in New York.

So Anthony Davis will be replaced by Dirk Nowitzki, the forward of the Dallas Mavericks.

The 21-year-old Davis has averaged 10.3 rebounds, 24.5 points, and 2.8 blocks per match. He had initially planned to take part in the weekend games, but he had an injury during the Saturday night match against Chicago. Although he tried to play after his fall, he could not do so. He has been focusing only on recovering ever since.

Davis made his announcement after the New Orleans Pelicans lost 106 – 93 in the game against Indiana. The team hopes that Davis will be back in shape for their final regular season matches. Davis said: “More than anything, I am anxious to get healthy and back on the court with my teammates after the All-Star break.”

Coach Monty Williams says that the team would like Davis to take part in the NBA’s mid-season game if he gets better by then.

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NFL Names Sportsmanship Award in Honor of Art Rooney

The National Football League (NFL) has announced that it will name its annual award conferred on the outstanding sportsman in honor of late Art Rooney, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and founder owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, said that the league ought to honor Rooney’s legacy by naming the award in his honor as he “is an iconic figure” in the league’s history. He also said that NFL players ought to be recognized for the value of sportsmanship, a value “that he represented so well.”

Dan Rooney, son of Art Rooney and chairman of the Steelers, said that the newly named award is “a special tribute” to his father, who had always believed in fairness and sportsmanship. He said that the family is proud of this award and grateful for the NFL for naming it in honor of Rooney.

Coach Art RooneyArt Rooney II, president of the Steelers, said that his grandfather would feel uncomfortable about an award being named in his honor, but also that “he would appreciate that it is an award recognizing sportsmanship in the game of football,” an award that recognizes a players’ ability to respect the game and its players. He said that his grandfather cared deeply for football integrity.

The NFL will announce the winner’s name at the 4th Annual NFL Honors, scheduled to be held on January 31, Saturday on NBC, a night before the Super Bowl XLIX kicks off. The winner will receive the Art Rooney Trophy.

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Muslim NFL Player Sets Social Media Abuzz

muslim nfl celebrationSportsmen have different ways of celebrating after shooting a basket, scoring a goal or making a touchdown. The controversy in the NFL continues to grow with different issues cropping up just about every week. This time it happened on the field when Kansas City Chiefs Husain Abdullah managed to intercept a pass from Tom Brady who plays for New England.

Abdullah went on to run to the end zone and complete a touchdown for his team. He celebrated his touch down by bowing down and touching his head to the turn in a sign of prayer, something that most Muslims perform. This act did not go down well with the referees who soon penalized him for unsportsmanlike conduct, which resulted in a 15 yard penalty for Abdullah’s team.

This incident ignited a huge debate amongst the spectators and it then poured over to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter who felt that Abdullah was treated in a manner that was not fair. Many of the social media sites made mention to star NFL player Tim Tebow who is an outspoken Christian and celebrates his touchdowns in “Tebowing” style, where he goes down on one keen and uses a clenched fist to his forehead while appearing to pray.

The debate of not being religious in sports continues to stir up a lot of controversy and the current rules may well need to be examined to ensure that a NFL players are clear as to what is permissible and what is not both on and off the field.

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Missouri Tigers Football Get Ready for 2014 Season

Missouri football played its first season in the Southeastern Conference last season. The Tigers endured a harsh first lesson in the SEC, finishing 2-6 in the Eastern Division. A string of crucial injuries and narrow defeats resulted in a 5-7 overall record as Missouri failed to qualify for a bowl game for the first time since 2004.

Now in his 14th year at the helm, head coach Gary Pinkel is prepping the Tigers for their second season in the always-competitive SEC with seven returning starters on offense and six more on defense.

Missouri footballThe Missouri Tigers have some intriguing players to keep an eye on for 2013. Quarterback James Franklin returns for his senior season after a 2012 campaign that included 1,562 passing yards and 10 touchdowns. Franklin has a potential big-time wide receiver in Dorial Green-Beckham. After getting used to he college game as a freshman (395 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns), Green-Beckham is on track to be a top target as a sophomore. He hauled in three passes for 49 yards in Mizzou’s spring game and was hailed as the team’s most improved wide receiver. At 6-foot-6, 220 pounds, Green-Beckham presents a big target for Franklin and an imposing presence for opponents.

The Tigers’ running game could get a boost with the return of Henry Josey, who missed all of last season with a knee injury. Josey (5-foot-10, 190 pounds) ran for 1,168 yards and averaged 8.1 yards per carry in 2011 and will provide depth along with Marcus Murphy (251 rushing yards in 2012).

Defensively, plenty of attention will be given to cornerback EJ Gaines, who is considered by many as one of the top on-ball defenders in the SEC. Gaines led the team with 11 pass break ups in 2012 and posted a career-high 74 tackles.

Missouri’s regular season kicks off August 31 when the Tigers welcome non-conference foe Murray State to Faurot Field on Military Appreciation Day. The Tigers’ SEC schedule begins on the road with games at Vanderbilt Oct. 5 and Georgia Oct. 12. Faurot Field will be filled by fans wearing gold Oct. 19 as Missouri takes on Florida in the annual Gold Rush game. The Tigers will host South Carolina the following Saturday in their 102nd Homecoming game.
The regular season concludes No. 30 with a home date against Texas A&M and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

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Online Sport Betting is the Best

You can choose different ways to bet on sports – over the telephone, in bookmaking shops or online. But, I think that online betting is one of the best choices. Why is that? Well, when I started to bet online I was so satisfied of the advantages when I was placing bets, and there are bigger chances to win. I will make it easy for you by explaining what the good sides of betting online are.

Safety is Always First!

I know that you fear about your safety when betting on sports online. Also, you probably not sure if your money and bank account is safe when you put your information. But you shouldn’t be because the biggest advantage when you bet online is the safety. You are perfectly safe when you bet.

The sports betting sites are run by well-known companies that have been a long time in the business. They don’t want to lose their reputation by deceiving you, they won’t risk their business. All of the betting sites that are operated by the trusted companies are definitely one you need to trust. But there are always fake sites that you need to watch out, check them first.

Do not worry about the difficulty using the site. Using a betting site is very easy. What you need to do is open an account and deposit the amount of money that you want. To open an account, you need only a few minutes by requiring only basic information. The deposing is also very easy and the sites are offering different types of methods to deposit your money.

When your account is finished and after you deposit some funds you can start betting. That will take just a few clicks and you will enter how much you want to stake. The best thing is that you can bet any time you like, even in the middle of the night just by logging into your account. Today’s technology will give you the chance to log in from where you want not just from your home computer. You can bet from your smart phone too.

Not all online gambling sites have the option of placing sport bets. Some of them are just for casino games. So you will need to find the site that is offering that too, or find an online site that has only sports betting in it. The great thing about online poker is also the bonuses that they give when you open a new account. They give money bonuses and you will be able to use them once you deposit some funds. But there are sites that are offering bonuses just to trick you, watch out for them and ask around about those sites.

Better Odds

One of the greatest benefits that I found when betting on sports is the range of wager I can place. Almost all betting sites cover all the major sports, so you can bet on pretty much every sporting event. This brings a great way to find the best opportunity to make money.

If you are serious bettor you already know that the odds are very important for sports betting. The odds are the best available online. This brings the advantage to place your wagers over the internet. Better odds mean that you will get a better return when you win. If you are very committed in getting the best profit in the wining then open accounts on different sites. With that you will be able to compare the odds at any time.

One more thing I need to say, you must bet smart to win more.

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Sports Betting – Basketball

basketballBasketball betting advice

If you want to be like other successful bettors you must make good decisions on solid data. When you bet you need to focus on the information and the odds, and not to think which team you like more. Overall you need to learn how to recognize what info will make a winning bet. For all those who like basketball and who like to bet on basketball games need to know some good ways to make you win the bets. I will give you the necessary advice that you need to follow.

Be careful when betting basketball

First of all you need to lookout for teams that are playing a third game of a four night. The players of that team will be tired plus if they are on the road, away from home. The line makers also take this as consideration too, but you can again the odds can be in your favor.

Don’t place your bets too early. There are chances that the best player can get injured in the previous game. This will make your bet more vulnerable for loosing. Some trends are also worth looking at, but what happened in the past doesn’t mean that will be repeated in the present or in the future.

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Types of Soccer Betting Odds

The Odds Explained

I am a big fan of soccer and I decided to start betting for the games because I already knew a lot about the soccer teams. But when I wanted to put my bets I was surprised when I found out that European and North American soccer betting has a different way of calculating odds.

European odds are shown in decimal numbers. So, if you bet on 3.00 odd for $1 then you will win $3 but a net profit of $2, when you calculate $3 minus the wager you have placed $1. Here is another example of 1.60 odds. You will make a net profit of 0.60$ for every $1 betted.

North American odds are calculated with money lines. The soccer team that is listed at +160 will be 60- point underdog because of the line. This brings the outcome of a $160 profit for $100 wagered. But -160 money line means that you will win $100 for a bet of $160.

Advice for Soccer Betting

It is a great thing that you have plenty to choose from when placing bets for a soccer match. Those odds and the types of bets depend on the sportsbook. The most common bets are straight or single by choosing one of the team to win or to be a tie. The best bet is to bet on how many goals the match will finish or for each half time.

In order to become a good soccer bettor you need to be informed all the time about the games and the odds. Plus, you need to know more about the teams that you are going to bet on. Don’t bet blind, you will probably lose.

Because I have a soccer team that I like, my first mistake was when I betted with my hart and not my head. I didn’t use the strategy for betting and I lost a lot of money that day. Start betting small don’t jump to bet with a lot of money and see how much money you can use for betting. Don’t use the amount of money that will affect your life in a negative way. Try to bet for a 55% to 60% overall success rate winnings. In time you will learn how to use the odds in your favor and increase the money you win. Be wise and don’t bet on teams that you have lost a few times in a row.

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Advice for Sports Betting

Here is a list of general tips that I made myself from my own experience and from people I know that are betting on sports. These tips are advices to be a better player and to increase your chances of winning.

Follow the news

sports newsWhen you are betting remember that sports betting are not all about luck. It is more about information and ESPN news is your friend. Stay in the circle of the latest betting news. The more you follow the news the more chances you will have to win. Remember to not bet for a team just because they are your favorite. Be wise and do research.

When it comes to the money, do not bet more of what you are comfortable with. Don’t risk more than 25% to 30% of your bankroll in a week. The thing you are looking into sport betting is the profit. But don’t expect to win 70 or 80 percent of the bets you place. The 55% winning average is just enough to result in a nice profit.

Losing and Wining

Do not make the biggest mistake that many people have lost a lot of money with it – Don’t increase your bets to make up the previous falls. It will result in greater losses. Also, limit the amount of the bets you place, the one at a time. If you place too many bets you will be laying against the odds. Losing is just like winning, it is part of the sports betting, but don’t let the both of them to affect you and the wager you place.

The sportbooks are adjusting the odds according to the betters on each side, so look for anomalies which are based on public favorites. Most importantly, remember that you are betting against the oddsmaker and not the bookmaker when taking your bets.

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Baseball Boss Goes Belly Up

baseball bossI have some sad news to report: is shutting down..

On March 10, 2010 they will no longer have Challenge games. Yes, it is true as this was reported directly on their blog:

Many of you have had good questions about what has been going on these last few months. Today is the day we can finally, definitively answer those questions.

First, please read

Unfortunately, this isn’t the news those of us who have played, supported and worked on the game since its launch in July of 2008 were hoping for.

A number of issues completely out of our control made 2009 a very challenging year for the game. As players and customers, I know that made it difficult for you as well and for that we are sorry. As to the nature of those challenges, I’ll only say that those of you who know baseball history know that labor and management have infrequently seen eye to eye on a number of issues. We also hope you understand that any lack of communication or clarity about the future was not out of apathy or indifference, it was us trying to make sense of a changing licensing landscape and trying to run a game at the same time.

Our current plan is to leave the game up through March 10th, but we will keep you posted on any date changes. Earlier today, we closed the store immediately upon making the decision to wind down the game, and have set active Memberships not to renew. If you have specific concerns related to your account, please contact

We certainly had our share of ups and downs along the way. I believe we did the first interesting thing with the baseball game genre in many years. We made some cool virtual cards. Through it all, the one constant has been our players. We want to thank everyone who has supported the game and actively created and participated in the strong community that formed.  We wouldn’t have made it as far or as long as we did without the support of all of you.

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